Codeathon 2015 Highlights

The Global Codeathon was even bigger and better in its second year. While 4 international schools and a local Vietnamese school gathered at UNIS Hanoi, 15 more schools around the world gathered in their perspective cities to share the love of coding. The highlight of the day was when students from all over the world first met each other virtually. Things got even more exciting when Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, walked in and began talking about the students programs.

Not only did Dong Nguyen show up for the day of the Global Codeathon, but he also supported in other important ways. His company Dot Gears created an exclusive game using Scratch for the Codeathon participants to work with. He also acted as one of the judges for the Advanced Competition.

Last years advanced competition winners were:

First place: Shuyler Lim 6th Grade Student at Chadwick International School

Second place: Thanh Nguyen, 5th Grade Student at UNIS Hanoi and Tom Choi Tom, 6th Grade Student at Chadwick International School

3rd place: Vincent Hoang, 6th Grade Student at United Nations International School of Hanoi