Our Beginnings

It all started in 2013 when a group of grade 5 students worked with one of our teachers to learn about coding in their class. With little direction, the students realized something many adults didn’t – that coding has limitless potential. It is much more than syntax to be memorized. It takes away the box and lets students create in new ways. Spurred by the students’ enthusiasm, Mindy, Heidi and Michelle formed the UNIS Hanoi Elementary Coding Club. The club’s organizers facilitated the school’s first Hour of Code, and eventually joined forces with Dan to host the Global Codeathon.

We are on our third year of hosting the Codeathon, and we still feel the same excitement when we see both students and teachers become inspired to create, learn and communicate with code.

The Codeathon’s mission is to spread the love for coding. In this year’s event, the students will learn and improve their coding skills, create their own games or projects and connect with awesome coders from around the world in real time.