Spacetrek Story Challenge

Not interested in the Advanced Competition? Here’s a different challenge for you!

We are looking for creative storytellers and coders to help us create a story behind Dong Nguyen’s Spacetrek game. We have one main sprite (the Spaceship) and a few intergalactic sprites (in the form of fruits and a penguin). If you choose to accept the challenge, apart from your story, you may choose to do the following:

  • Design your own sprites
  • Create your own animations
  • Add personalised sound effects 
  • Draw your own backgrounds

Your program will also be scored using the following:

  • Creativity/Uniqueness (25 pts): Program idea is interesting and original.
  • Visual Appeal (25 pts): Program is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Engagement (25 pts): Program is engaging – I want to keep reading it!
  • Technical ability (25 pts): Demonstrates a variety of coding skills such as conditionals, loops, broadcasting. Program feels complete.

Please submit your story project by Thursday, May 5th using this online submission form. We will announce the winner of the Story Challenge on May 7th.